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This site provides public access to the COREX/BEST algorithm for non-profit purposes. To find the relevant references, please see the history of the COREX/BEST algorithm.

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The new COREX/BEST web interface has gone live.

Please contact Jamie Wrabl if there are any problems.

  • [Apr 12 2024 9:00 AM]: Weather-related brownout brought the system down around 2:30 AM last night. No jobs or data appear to be affecetd, but please reach out if necessary.
  • [Jan 13 2024 10:00 AM]: For unknown reasons the system went down on the night of January 7/8 and has been offline until now. No jobs or data appear to be affected, but please contact us if necessary.
  • [Dec 15 2023 10:00 AM]: For unknown reasons a brownout occurred approximately 9:30 AM this morning. No jobs or data appear to be affected.
  • [Jul 25 2023 9:00 AM]: Important: A Department power outage scheduled for 6:00 AM Thursday, July 27 will result in extended downtime. This server is thus expected to be offline from 6:00 AM Thursday, July 27 until 9:00 AM Monday, August 7. Sincere apologies as this sudden event is beyond our control. Please plan accordingly.
  • [Feb 6 2023 9:00 AM]: Power glitch Saturday afternoon, February 4. I do not see any affected jobs but please reach out if you need assistance.
  • [Oct 6 2022 3:30 PM]: A hardware failure last night caused downtime today. Please notify if you see any jobs, functionality, or data loss (I think none), thanks.
  • [Jan 12 2021 11:00 AM]: Notice: University plans intermittent power outages for Saturday, January 16. My current information is that the server will not be affected, but one never knows until it happens. :) I will monitor events and take action if necessary.
  • [Jan 4 2021 2:15 PM]: Notice: A planned Department network outage from 6-8 PM EST on Thursday, January 7, might affect the ability to connect. As power interruption is not expected, hopefully jobs will run normally during the window and you may re-join your workspace afterwards.
  • [Dec 18 2020 6:30 AM]: A power glitch, possibly winter-weather related, took us offline between 1-2 pm on December 16. No jobs or data seem to have been affected, apologies for the temporary outage.
  • [Dec 9 2020 9:00 PM]: Despite heroic repairs, the "new" motherboard did not live very long, but a heretofore unknown replacement board was fortunately discovered after about 1 month of downtime. We are out of replacements at this point, but please use the server while it lasts. Happy Holidays!
  • [Nov 11 2020 9:00 PM]: Dead motherboard on 11/4 took everything running down with it, but after heroic repairs the server is now back online. Thanks for your patience with our aged technology! :)
  • [Sep 1 2020 8:00 PM]: Yet another (different) catastrophic equipment failure on Thursday evening, August 28, caused the unexpected downtime. Sorry for the interruption but hopefully we are back in service.
  • [Aug 14 2020 8:30 PM]: Hopefully the server is back online without ill effects after an unexpected catastrophic equipment failure earlier in the week. Please contact us if anything seems wrong or missing.
  • [Jul 9 2020 8:00 AM]: The server was rebooted due a technical emergency. Affected users have been contacted and the server appears to be back online, functioning normally.
  • [Mar 24 2020 12:35 PM]: There was a brownout on campus at 10 AM this morning. As far as I can tell there were no jobs affected and data integrity is safe. Please contact me if you see anything wrong. Thanks!
  • [Feb 25 2020 9:00 AM]: IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ! Due to an accidental corruption of the credentials database, less than 100 accounts created within the last two years have had their passwords temporarily reset, to the first name as given by the account holder. If you cannot access your account, please try this first. If you still cannot gain access, please contact me. Once you have logged into your account, you may of course use the password change feature if desired. (All protein data is safe.) I plan to personally contact those that I think are affected, but this may take several days.
  • [Jan 23 2020 10:00 AM]: The University just informed me of the remote possibility of power interruptions starting tomorrow, January 24 at 5:00 pm and lasting throughout Saturday and Sunday. No power outage is actually expected at this time, but if any jobs are affected I will notify the apropriate user(s).