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This site provides public access to the COREX/BEST algorithm for non-profit purposes. To find the relevant references, please see the history of the COREX/BEST algorithm.

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The new COREX/BEST web interface has gone live.

Please contact Jamie Wrabl if there are any problems.

  • [Aug 8 2019 10:15 AM]: Surprise, Surprise! An unexpected power glitch last night around midnight; fortunately besides the few hours of downtime no data or jobs seem to be affected.
  • [Aug 7 2019 8:15 AM]: A heads-up, that localized University power maintenance is expected starting on August 9. Nothing is specifically scheduled that would take the server offline, but given the recent history of unexplained power glitches I would not be surprised if an event happened over this coming weekend. Thanks in advance for your patience & understanding.
  • [Jul 23 2019 12:30 PM]: Apologies, but due to the impending electrical storm yesterday afternoon, the system was unexpectedly taken offline for a while. No jobs or data appear to be affected, but please let us know of problems.
  • [Jul 19 2019 1:45 PM]: Update: Data generated after the July 13 loss date seem to be available, at least for the moment, but until the equipment green-lights I cannot guarantee this will last. Please download anything generated during the July 13 - July 17 window that is very important to you (jobs could of course always be re-run as a failsafe). Thanks again for your patience!
  • [Jul 17 2019 2:00 PM]: A violent power outage last night resulted in catastrophic equipment failure. Unfortunately, any jobs or data generated between July 13, 2019 and today are irretrievably lost. Please contact us if anything before July 13 seems to be affected for you. Thanks again for your patience and understanding for our aged facility.
  • [Jun 18 2019 9:00 AM]: An unexplained glitch resulted in loss of service overnight; please contact us if you experience problems.
  • [Jan 7 2019 10:00 AM]: An unexpected university power outage resulted in loss of service overnight; no jobs or data appear to have been affected.